We manage and maintain the health of any man-made water body using environmentally friendly methods that are good for our planet.

Meet the Team

Our Core Values

Our Mission Statement

Water Quality Solutions strives to optimise all man-made bodies of water both nationally and internationally. We plan on getting there via our unparalleled service, continued education, strong network and commitment to preservation.

Returning water bodies to their most natural state using environmentally sustainable methods is no easy feat, but our expertise in aeration and biological water treatments gets us there. Reducing the instances where chemicals are prescribed is our priority and Water Quality Solutions works towards the day that this is reduced to nil.

We love sharing our passion of aquatic environments at both an individual and company level because we know how enjoyable the benefits of a thriving dam can be. We show rather than tell, utilising ongoing digital resources, attentive customer service and the brilliant results our products achieve.

Our growing staff are Water Quality Solutions largest asset. Caring for and empowering individuals creates an unbeatable crew. We nurture this recipe by training management in the art of listening and operating as transparently as possible. Steady growth and movement is essential for good water and to the company’s prosperity. Water Quality Solutions continually tours the US to gather the latest intellect in water body management and we have plans to tour the world. We pride ourselves on continually innovating and investing in new technologies so that we can bring back the best practises to Australia.

Water Quality Solutions aims to make enough profit to attract and retain valuable staff, generate a fair return to investors and grow our service offerings. It begun with an affinity to working with water. It continues with spreading the properties of healthy water, straight to your property.

Environmental Consciousness

Water Quality Solutions is made up of a team of keen scuba divers and fish lovers so we are all about keeping aquatic environments healthy for future generations. We are proud to be Australia’s only man-made water body managers that place a precedence on non-chemical approaches.

Whilst chemicals treat symptoms such as algae, they don’t address the actual problem and waterbody managers risk getting locked into an expensive cycle that ultimately damages the aquatic ecosystem. Our approach is to investigate the root cause of the issue and implement a variety of remedies to create harmony and balance to the system. In the instance where chemical applications are necessary, we ensure they’re safely and responsibly used.

We follow safety management plans for working in and around water and we adhere to all site-specific requirements. Our on-site team hold both boating and chemical applicator licenses. Water Quality Solutions maintains public liability and professional indemnity insurance policies. Water is our most precious resource and our planet has a finite amount. H2O is recycled through a complex cycle that can shift it from underground to our atmosphere, so making sure our water is as balanced as possible is our small way of helping Mother Earth.

The crew is what sets us apart from the rest.

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