About Us

We've helped thousands of Aussies—from hobby farmers to commercial wastewater plants—improve their water (and reduce algae, weeds, sludge, odour, and dead wildlife) without using chemicals.

Our Promise

Australia's largest range of aerators and biological treatments

We stock the largest range of aerators and biological treatments in Australia. So whether it’s a large pond or a multi-acre sized dam, we have a product for you. And because we only stock the highest quality brands, we personally back every product we recommend.

Our "guaranteed-to-work" method

Our two-step process is ridiculously simple and yet guaranteed to work. It involves emulating natural lakes that typically have more oxygen and more “good” microbes than man-made lakes. Our method involves (i) adding an aerator to your dam to add oxygen to the water, and (ii) feeding the “good” microbes in your water using a biological treatment. These “good” microbes eat the sludge on the bottom of your dam and consume nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, starving out algae and weeds. They also outcompete “bad” microbes which cause odour. This leads to a long-term “healthy” waterbody, which takes care of itself.

Our team of water quality experts are here to help.

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