Founded by Scotty Tucker in 2009, we’ve grown to become Australia’s largest supplier of aerators and probiotics for dams, lakes and lagoons. Our natural remedy to aquatic weeds, algae, sludge, odour, stratification and dead wildlife. 

Who we are

We’re a small team located in Melbourne. We provide Aussies with natural, chemical-free ways to bring their water to life. Typically, this means providing aeration and probiotics (Biostim) to emulate healthy wild lakes and rivers which are well oxygenated and packed with microbial life.

We’ve helped thousands of Aussies, from hobby farmers to wastewater plants, improve their water the natural way; without chemicals.

Our mission

To improve the health of as many Australian dams, lakes and ponds without using chemicals.

Our approach

Our two-step, 100% natural approach to water quality improvement is ridiculously simple and yet guaranteed to work.

It involves mimicking natural lakes and rivers that typically have more oxygen and more “good” microbes than man-made lakes. 

(i) Install an aerator to add oxygen to your water

(ii) Feed the “good” microbes in the water using Biostim

These “good” microbes eat the sludge on the floor of your dam and consume nutrients (like nitrogen and phosphorus) which starves out algae and weeds. They also clear the water of organic cloudiness and outcompete “bad” microbes which cause toxins and foul odours. This all contributes to a healthier, more sustainable waterbody.

The Water Quality Solutions difference

Unlike many, we encourage customers to avoid the use of algaecides and herbicides (even though we sell them). We don’t provide this advice just to help you reduce short-term damage to your waterbody, but also to prevent long-term costs.

Here’s the secret those profiting from algaecide and herbicide sales won’t tell you… when you use chemicals, you kill everything in your waterbody, the “good” guys too. That means there will be less “good” microbes to consume nutrients in your water next year. Plus, you likely have a load of dead organic material from the mass kill rotting on the floor, fertiliser for next season’s algae and weeds. Unfortunately it means next year, you can expect more algae/weeds, likely to grow faster (because of the additional nutrients in the water) and to be more resilient (having learned from last season’s hunt).

Our big difference is we don’t keep this fact from you… that the chemical way is a way to sickness and dependency. Each year, you’re paying for larger and larger amounts of chemical with lower and lower returns. All the while, your waterbody gets sicker and sicker. Our natural method is the only way to a thriving aquatic ecosystem long-term.

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Meet Scotty Tucker, Founder and Managing Director of Water Quality Solutions

G’day. My obsession with water started 20 years ago after several scuba-diving trips to the Red Sea. Being the saltiest ocean in the world, I found everything about the aquatic ecosystem endlessly fascinating. 

Returning home, I decided to quit my career as an aeronautical engineer and pursue my newfound love for water. I worked on a Pearl Farm for a short stint where I solidified my love of aquatics before returning to Perth to study Agribusiness.

After graduating, I was lucky enough to get under the wing of Bob Lusk—a US aquatics and fisheries expert—who taught me everything there is to know about improving water, naturally.

In 2009 I started Water Quality Solutions and I’ve never looked back. I love to share what I know on YouTube.

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