Which aerator is right for me?

Choosing the right aerator for your dam is a simple three-step process, which involves (i) deciding whether you prefer an aesthetic fountain aerator or something more subtle, (ii) pairing you with the right aerator model, and (iii) sizing your motor. Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Choose between surface and sub-surface aeration

The first step is decide whether you would prefer a surface aerator or a sub-surface aerator. The big differences are in the looks (fountain vs unseen), power consumption (high vs low) and where the cleaning and maintenance is done (land vs water). Check out the differences explained below. You can also watch this video where Scotty Tucker explains the differences. 

Choose an aerator type to continue.

Surface Aerators

  • Aesthetic: Decorative fountain appears above the surface
  • Power consumption: Use more power because they move water, not air (although you can use a timer to restrict the hours of operation which may balance out the power costs)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: Done in the water


Sub-Surface Aerators

  • Aesthetic: Doesn’t change the surface aside from a subtle ‘boil’ (from the bubbles rising up)
  • Power consumption: Use less power because they move air, not water
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: Done onshore