Solar and wind powered

We stock Australia’s best range of solar and wind-powered aerators, fit for any sized dam.

Solar-powered aerators

We’ve spent the best part of a decade refining our solar-powered aerators. What we’ve landed on is 6 models guaranteed to work, even in moderate sunlight.

Surface aerators
Sub-surface aerators

Watch: Scotty Tucker walks through the 6 solar aerators we stock and the ideal conditions for their use. 

Wind-powered aeration

When it comes to wind, we stock the OWS Windmill Aerator, one of the tallest and best quality windmill aeration systems on the market. USA-manufactured and built from 18-gauge galvanised steel, the system is high performing—operating even in moderate speed winds. You can purchase the windmill head and aeration system with or without the tower.

Customer Stories

Below: Scotty Tucker goes behind-the-scenes on an OWS Windmill Aerator installed in Gippsland, VIC.

Below: See how a 1hp Air-O-Lator Professional surface aerator performs on a sunny day when connected to 2 x 300W panels.

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