Air-O-Lator Professional Aerator

Air-O-Lator Professional Aerator

High-performance aeration for small to mid-sized dams

Air-O-Lator’s Professional Aerator is a small, compact aerator that packs a punch—pumping over 3,000LPM (litres per minute) of water. Powered by a high-performing USA-made Franklin Electric motor, the aerator is designed to mix your water as well as aerate it. The design of the nozzle also reduces spray drift so you have less airborne water. The aerator comes equipped with a lockable control box, waterproof power cable and a float.


Aerates up to 1 surface acre

Air-O-Lator’s largest Aquarian Professional motor—2hp—can aerate up to 1 surface acre (approx. 4,000m2) of water. More units can be added for larger dams.

100% solar available

The Aquarian Professional Aerator has two solar-powered motor options: 1hp and 1.5hp. The motors run off 2 or 4 x 270-300W solar panels. The solar panels connect directly to a DC control box which is connected to the motor. You can source your own panels or we can help you acquire them.

Guaranteed to last

Made from quality USA-manufactured parts, and backed by a two year warranty, Air-O-Lator’s Aquarian Professional Aerator is guaranteed to last for years and years.


  • Transfers up to 1.4kg Oper hour
  • Pumps up to 3,600LPM
  • Operates from 0.6m to 5m deep


  • Motor built from high-quality stainless steel
  • Oil-free non-lube motor
  • No seals or bearings to maintain
  • High-speed, foul-resistant propeller
  • Long-lasting—made from quality USA parts

What’s in the kits?


  • 316 grade stainless steel motor (with diffuser)
  • 36 inch float
  • 40m power cable (custom lengths available)
  • Lockable control box


  • 304 grade stainless steel motor (with diffuser)
  • 36 inch float
  • 30m power cable (custom lengths available)
  • Lockable control box
  • Can be purchased with or without solar panels and mount stands

Motor sizes

Mains-powered: 1hp or 2hp; Solar-powered: 1hp or 1.5hp.

How to size up a motor

(i) Identify your dam’s shape

First, identify your dam’s shape below. Which number are you?

In the above shapes, thdots indicate where aeration stations will typically need to be placed to sufficiently aerate your water. This is because of what we call the ‘zone of influence’ where the circulation of oxygenated water is hindered by banks. You’ll need to place an air-station at each dot, either a surface aerator or sub-surface aerator.

It’s worth noting that a sub-surface aerator can run several air-stations off a single on-shore motor, rather than needing a seperate aerator for each station like surface aerators. This often makes sub-surface aeration a better option for dams requiring several air-stations.

(ii) Match your motor

Divide the surface area of your dam by the number of aerators you need. This is how much surface area each aerator will need to support. You can now use the chart above to determine your motor size. Multiple aerators can be used for larger dams.

Solar testing a 1hp Air-O-Lator Professional

We show how a 1 horsepower Air-O-Lator Professional surface aerator performs on a sunny day when connected to 2 x 300W panels.