Air-O-Lator ½ and ¾ horsepower aerators and fountains

Big results for small waterbodies.

Aerate dams up to ¼ acre (1,000m2) in surface area with an Air-O-Lator (USA) aerator.

Our ½ and ¾ horsepower Air-O-Lator aerators and fountains pack a punch—offering small dam owners high performance aeration and bang-for-your-buck aesthetics. Ideal for dams and lakes up to ¼ acre, e.g. 30m x 30m dams and smaller.

  • Genuine aerators—propeller not impellor
  • Plug ‘n’ play—no electrician required
  • USA made—high quality

We have 3 models to choose from: Professional, Carnival and Centrifugal.

Air-O-Lator Professional

  • Aerator (aerates up to ¼ acre)
  • ½ and ¾ hp available
  • Boil design

Air-O-Lator Carnival

  • Aerator (aerates up to ¼ acre)
  • ¾ hp only
  • Fountain design

Air-O-Lator Centrifugal

  • Non-aerating / Ornamental
  • ½ and ¾ hp available
  • 5 nozzles available
  • Light kits available

What’s in an Air-O-Lator kit?

Motor size½ hp¾ hp1 to 5hp
Aerator / Fountain head
Cable (230V 10amp)
Cable length30m30m40m
Motor stainless steel grade304304316
Control box (with motor protection)
Plug ‘n’ Play
Electrician requiredNoNoYes