When second best is not an option.

Among the most powerful and impressive in the world, AquaMaster Fountains make a statement like no other—both at night and during the day. 

Unrivalled in size and power.

AquaMaster Fountains are unrivalled in size and power, making for the ultimate showpiece. Motors go up to a monstrous 25hp in size, capable of blasting water up to 30m high.

Endless patterns to choose from.

With dozens of spray types to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pattern and size to match your waterbody.

Keep the show rolling after-dark.

AquaMaster Fountains are even more impressive at night with the addition of a Night Glow LED or RGBW lighting system.

  • Light shows come pre-programmed with an assortment of colours and displays, or customise your own colour and pattern
  • Bluetooth remote control using your mobile phone
  • Lenses can be positioned above or below water

AquaMaster Fountains’ Celestial Series

—when the sky’s the limit

  • 10 to 25hp
  • 10 spray patterns
  • Up to 30m tall

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