Aquatic Weed Explanation and Treatment Solution Showcase

Aquatic Weed in Dam

Aquatic Weed

As we prepare for the warmer months, we can look forward to wonderful things like frolicking in the sun, or if you live in Melbourne like we do, even braving going outside.
The downside to this, however, is that last season’s weed seeds are also ready to spring to life and the sludge built up over the cooler months is waiting to feed their growth.  

Common Aquatic Weed Species

There are many types of weed, and often multiple species can be present in a waterbody at the one time. In case you were wondering what the gross green stuff floating in, on or around your dam is, we have broken them down the most common categories.
The even better news is that we have treatment plans for the most common aquatic weed species and algae which utilise environmentally conscious treatment methods and can also help to improve the biological conditions of your waterbody.  

If you have any of the weed or algal species listed above, or even any that aren’t shown, give us a call. We can discuss your unique system, suggest a treatment plan that is right for you and give you tips to help improve and maintain water quality long term. 
For example, a recommended treatment plan may include three separate products based on what species are present and how far they have been left to spread.

How do I control Aquatic Weed and Algae?

Sally introduced duck weed into her dam 3 years ago and while everything started out fine, the problem with duck weed is that it doubles in size every sixteen or so hours. Sally’s dam now has lots of sludge and her dog keeps thinking the duck weed is solid grass to roll in. Yuck!
We recommend the following actions; The first step is for Sally to manually removes as much as possible. This is so she can save on how much treatment she actually has to use. After this, Sally purchases a treatment series including Aquatic Weed KillerAquaSticker, and Biostim FB which we recommend that she applies at the same time.
Why did we recommend three separate products? 

Aquatic Weed Killer: Is the active product that disrupts the weeds cells and leads to its death.
AquaStickerMany species have the ability to resist the treatment, Aquasticker ensures that the treatment will reach the targeted cells and kill the weed.
Biostim Accelerator (FB): Biostim Accelerator (FB) also enhances the activity of the Aquatic Weed Killer but its other purpose is to introduce select strains of beneficial, nitrifying bacteria that will help to degrade the dying organic matter left over following the treatment application.   

Sally is amazed by how well the treatment worked and is wondering how she can prevent common problems like sludge, aquatic weed and occurring more in the future. Our answer? Aeration and the ongoing application of biological treatments.  

To learn more about these recommendations and our algae and weed treatments, contact us today on 1300 283 387.

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