Behind The Scenes – Supplier Showcase – Air-O-Lator

Airolator - Aeration specialists supplying aerating fountains, surface aeration solutions, aspirating aerators and solar dam aeration

With around half a century’s experience in the water management game, Air-O-Lator have plenty of bite to back up their bark. These guys have been manufacturing Aerators, Pond Fountains, Mixers and Aspirators for water treatment in the USA since 1967 and each and every product in their range is engineered to improve water quality by working with your ecosystem, rather than against it.

Air-O-Lator products also have the added benefit of providing an aesthetics boost for your water body while they improve the health of your aquatic ecosystem and all Australian 50Hz models feature a premium, oil-less motor which keeps maintenance requirements low.

Find out more about Air-O-Lator and get a sneak peak inside their office and factory below:

Air-O-Lator Product Resources:

For more information head over to the Air-O-Lator website.

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