We’ve helped thousands of Australians improve the water in their ponds, dams and lagoons without using chemicals. Here are a few of their stories.


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Aerator Installed in an Irrigation Dam to Stop Weeds Clogging Pipes

Go behind-the-scenes on an aerator installation at an irrigation dam having problems with weeds. We installed a Vertex sub-surface aerator, one of our favourites for large, deep dams.



Aerator Installed at a Wastewater Plant to Reduce Ammonia and Other Nasty Gases

We showcase a fleet of Air-O-Lator Aquarian Commercial aerators we installed in a Melbourne wastewater treatment plant. The plant was emitting too much ammonia and needed help fast.



Solar Aerator Installed at Byron Bay Community Dam to Reduce Weeds

Go behind-the-scenes on a 100% solar-powered aerator installation we did in Byron Bay to help a dam being overrun by weeds. We used an  Air-O-Lator Aquarian Professional, one of our top selling surface aerators.



Windmill Aerator Installed in Gippsland to Improve Irrigation Water

See our customer’s favourite windmill aerator—24 foot Outdoor Water Solutions (OWS)—in action. This footage was taken shortly after a recent installation in Gippsland, VIC.


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What our customers say…


“We had an urgent problem—our old irrigation system had blockages from weeds. Our dam was also riddled with black sludge. Scott recommended both aeration and biologicals and within six weeks the dam became so clear I could see to the bottom of it for the first time in years! I was chuffed that we could fix the issue without the use of chemicals.”

Michael Grant, Owner, Grant’s Citrus Farm


“Our water bodies were attacked by filamentous algae! Since WQS installed the aerator, we’ve not had a single algae problem. In our smaller ponds that are too small for aerators we used Biostim pellets on their own and have noticed a huge reduction in algae.”

Andy Hart, Horticultural Curator—Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Adelaide


“Since installing an aerator and using the biological treatment recommended, my water quality has improved drastically!”

Geoff Baxter, Newbury, VIC


“We had a nutrient-rich stormwater lake that was having continuous problems with algae. We were previously treating the nutrients with a liquid solution that would just end up getting flushed away with the outgoing water. Scott recommended we switch to Biostim pellets which were exactly what we needed.”

Giles Pickard, Environment Project Officer, City of Subiaco


“My trout have grown into super trout! After the tragedy that was Black Saturday, I needed a dam that could fight fire as well as being a healthy home for my trout. Scott was great at recommending the best surface aerator for me and today my trout have grown into super trout!”

Mark Struding, Owner, Recycled Timber Specialists


“Visiting ducks and our pet geese were continuously fouling the dam. WQS recommended a number of systems to improve the water quality. We are very happy with our final choice, the windmill aeration system. This combined with the Biostim pellets and liquid are cleaning up the dirty dam. Everything WQS said would happen has happened!”

Greg Lewis, Canterbury, Victoria



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