Environmentally Friendly Oxygen Transfer For Large Water Bodies

Environmentally Friendly Oxygen Transfer For Large Water Bodies - Solar Dam Aeration Solutions

Environmentally Friendly Oxygen Transfer For Large Water Bodies

Adequate oxygenation is vital to a healthy water body. It helps keep ecosystems balanced in water bodies such as lakes or dams and supports and improves the treatment process at wastewater facilities. It also promotes the health of beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms and reduces odours, algae and aquatic weed and other issues.

Mains powered aeration systems provide great reliability and tend to have fairly low running costs, but they aren’t always convenient. Perhaps you don’t have easy access to power by your water body, or maybe you would simply rather a more eco-friendly option. At the simplest level, this leaves you with two main options: Solar Aeration, and Windmill Powered Aeration.


Solar Technology

Solar aeration technology is rapidly advancing which allows for exciting developments in the way our industry operates. Dedicated DC sub-surface systems are most prevalent in this category and each new generation of product provides improved user experience and efficiency.

We have had premium Outdoor Water Solutions and Keeton Industries sub-surface units available for large water bodies for some time but we are pleased to announce that we now also carry the WaterTreats range of solar air pumps designed specifically for smaller lakes and dams.

WaterTreats Solar Air Pumps

Companies that design solar systems tend to focus on specifications suitable for larger water bodies. While this is a logical way to go about things (considering you can always turn a system down but cannot raise it above specs) owners of smaller water bodies will be pleased to hear that there are now options designed specially for them.

WaterTreats Air Pumps can be purchased as single items or as part of a complete aeration kit and are available in 80lpm, 120lpm and 200lpm models.

These units are designed to essentially be plug and play which is great news for those with existing solar set ups and can be used for a range of applications including aeration of tanks and ponds.

Airolator Solar Solutions

Water Quality Solutions are proud to present the newest additions to the Airolator family, Airolator Solar Solutions, to the Australian market. These units are just as versatile (if not more so) than their 50hz counterparts and offer near identical flow rates and oxygen transfer. Airolator Solar Solutions are available in dedicated DC 1hp units and hybrid 1.5hp and 3hp models to provide maximum flexibility for usage.

Airolator Solar Solutions offer the following aeration units:
  • Carnival Aerating Floating Fountains
  • Aquarian Professional Surface Aerators
  • Aquarian Commercial Surface Aerators
  • Enterprise Aspirating Aerators

Decorative fountains are also available under the new product range and Airolator’s unique changeover kits can be applied to solar units.

To view our full range of solar options click here.
To view the technical brochure for each range of Airolator Solar Solutions click the relevant title below:
Residential customers can also refer to this blog post.


Windmill Powered Aeration

Windmills are another great option for those looking for a sustainable power option for their aeration systems.

The great thing about windmills is that they can operate 24/7 without external assistance as long as there is enough wind. This makes them ideal for areas where power restrictions would cause inconvenience with installing a hybrid solar aeration system.

Windmill systems supplied through Water Quality Solutions differ to most others on offer within the Australian market as our systems pump air rather than water. This means that they are far less energy intensive which allows for highly efficiency.

The spinning of the blades powers a diaphragm which then pushes air into the water body via a diffuser sitting on the base. This rises through the layers and provides oxygen throughout the water.

To get a better idea of how our Windmill systems operate, please see our Solution Showcase.


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