Floating Wetlands: What Are The Benefits?

Floating Wetland Panel Installation - Adding aquatic plants to beautify dam and boost filtration.

“How do floating wetlands panels improve water quality?”

Floating wetlands are just that; Carefully selected aquatic plants that are grown on a special panel which is positioned in your dam. Not only are floating wetlands incredibly attractive, they have a range of other great benefits.  

Controlling aquatic weed and algae

High nutrient levels are a common cause of aquatic weed, algae and sludge in waterbodies as the nutrients are readily available for them to flourish. Plant species are carefully selected for the panels and will take up this excess nutrient to grow, meaning less is available for invasive aquatic weeds, algae and sludge! Win!  

Sludge reduction.

The root systems of the plants act as a natural biological filter. This means that beneficial bacteria, our friendly microscopic sludge eating machines, have a surface to grow on. The more root mass available, the more the bacteria can grow, filter particles in the water and actively consume the sludge! 

Habitat for wildlife

Just like you need a roof over your head, many native aquatic and terrestrial species need a home to survive. By growing floating wetlands, you are providing habitat for these species. Water birds may use the leaves as habitat for their young, and aquatic life may use the roots which are floating just beneath of surface water as a place to hide and a source of food. Install your panels, sit back and watch nature come to you.  

Add a natural element to the water

Why do most people build a dam or pond over a swimming pool? To include a natural element to their backyard that they can swim in and/or grow their own fishy friends in. If you’ve ever travelled to a natural lake or river, you will find aquatic plants growing on fallen trees or on the edge of the water and its just beautiful! By adding floating wetlands, you are adding a ‘natural’ vibe to your man-made waterbody. 

With so many benefits, you really can’t go wrong with floating wetland panels. Our team can help you select the number of panels and plant species that will not only look great but will be suitable to your dam’s individual design and requirements! For more information call 1300 283 387.

  • Brett Harrison wrote...

    I have two dams on my property, i have been to purchase suitable floating wetland panels for many years now. The total surface area is approximately 30m x 30m.
    I am in South East Queensland, can you give me an estimate of
    1) how many panels I will require;
    2) suitable plant species; and
    3) a rough quote for either or both?
    Kind regards

    • The Terrific Treatment Tardigrade wrote...

      Hi Brett,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      We’d need a bit more information about your dams to give you accurate, personalised advice.
      Could you please fill out a contact form or give us a buzz on 1300 283 387 to discuss?

  • Josephine Summers wrote...

    How much are floating wetland panels and what type of aquatic plants are there in them ? (Suitable for Western Victoria)

    • The Terrific Treatment Tardigrade wrote...

      Hi Josephine,
      The domestic floating wetland panels are $249.95 plus shipping. As each dam has a different ecosystem, the floating wetlands do not come with plants in them to allow for customisation to personal preference and circumstance.
      We would be happy to assist you in selecting and sourcing plants for your panel but would need to chat with you about your wants and needs for your dam in order to make the best recommendation possible.
      Please Note: We recommend adding the bird guard kit if you wish you place juvenile plants in the panel. Bird guard kits are $44.95 and would be shipped with your panel.
      If you’d like to chat further about your dam, the floating wetland panels or plants for the wetlands, please fill out a contact form and someone will be in touch.

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