Scotty Tucker offers in-person consultations to any location in Australia.

While most consultations don’t require an in-person site visit, and can be done as a free phone consultation, there are some scenarios—often involving large dams and costly problems—where an on-site visit may be appropriate. In these scenarios, Scotty is available to drive or fly to any place in Australia.

Who are in-person consultations for?  

In-person visits are available to all Aussies in all locations. Typically, in-person visits come into question when a phone conversation, Google Map aerial footage and photos are considered inadequate to convey the problem.

The most common clients for in-person visits are:

  • Commercial operators experiencing large-scale costly water problems
  • Owners of mega-sized dams experiencing a unique problem not treatable by usual methods 
  • Owners of dams/wetlands who want to learn about water quality and pick Scott’s brain


$500 + travel ($1 per km)

Rates are $500 plus $1 per km round trip from our warehouse in Somerton, Melbourne. Additional costs may apply for large distances, e.g. > 300km from Melbourne. Highly specialised consults may also garner higher fees. Contact us for an exact quote.

What do you get from the consult? 

Our head consultant assessing the situation at an on-site consultation
Ask Scotty Anything

Walk your waterbody with Scotty and ask all the questions you wish. Pick his brain to access two decades experience in natural ways to improve water. 

Dam Report

Get a pdf summary of the key discussion points had with Scotty and details on his custom recommendations for your waterbody.

Aeration Setup Diagram

If aeration is needed, a kit design map will be provided outlining the recommended equipment and where to place the components.

Biological Treatment Plan

If needed, a biological treatment plan will be provided explaining suggested quantities of Biostim and how to apply it.

Other recommended products

If Scott mentions other equipment or treatments, details on these will also be shared.