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I’m the Founder and Managing Director of Water Quality Solutions and I love teaching people how to improve their water, naturally.

My obsession with water started 20 years ago after several scuba-diving trips to the Red Sea. Being the saltiest ocean in the world, I found everything about the aquatic ecosystem endlessly fascinating. 

Returning home, I decided to quit my career as an aeronautical engineer and pursue my newfound love for water. I worked on a Pearl Farm for a short stint where I solidified my love of aquatics before returning to Perth to study Agribusiness.

After graduating, I was lucky enough to get under the wing of Bob Lusk—a US aquatics and fisheries expert—who taught me everything there is to know about improving water, naturally.

Since starting Water Quality Solutions in 2009, I’ve helped thousands of Aussies improve their dams, ponds, and lagoons, using 100% natural methods.

I love to share what I know about dams and water quality on YouTube.

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