Commercial Water Solutions

Waterbodies that serve an industrial purpose or operate within a municipal environment require pragmatic solutions as multiple stakeholders often come into play. We possess a rich portfolio of commercial clients ranging from local councils to large scale food and beverage producers. In locations where wastewater is produced, a system is necessary to ensure discharge regulations are met, environmental/ civilian harm is averted and your products are protected when the water is being reused.

We also love providing our aquaculture and livestock clients our expertise. An animal’s growth rate, appearance and disease resistance can be affected by water; where they bathe what they drink should be free from pollutants. Balanced, stable water quality, supported by a healthy population of beneficial bacteria is critical for animals stocked in higher density aquaculture systems. Our natural management tools improve water quality without the use of chemicals.

Water Quality Solutions adopt a step-wise approach when prescribing treatments that are simultaneously cost effective and environmentally responsible.  Browse the services we offer and if you have any questions, just ask one of our consultants on 1300 283 387.

Dam Aeration

Dam odour, sludge, algae, weed or dying fish are often attributed to a lack of oxygen in the water. Natural lakes naturally cleanse themselves in autumn and spring in line with changes in temperature. During this turnover, low-oxygen bottom waters mix with oxygen-rich surface waters, increasing the overall amount of oxygen. This increase kick starts water cleansing bacteria that process organic pollutants.Man-made waterbodies usually have more organic pollutants and less natural flushing than their natural counterparts so a need for oxygen is greater.

Overall, aeration is the strongest implementation to a waterbody for both mid and long term benefit.

Aeration systems need to be designed according to factors such as the volume, depth and temperature of water; salinity, atmospheric pressure as well as factors unique to the site, such as power supply, noise requirements, maintenance, security and aesthetics.

Water Quality Solutions takes the guess work out of this process and works alongside your team to find the best outcome. We consider ourselves aeration experts and have the testimonials to prove it.

Algae Control

Water Quality Solutions understands that when it comes to algae, chemical applications are a ‘necessary evil’, but at the end of the day we set a precedence on environmentally friendly irradiation methods. Algae is often the symptom of an underlying problem so we investigate the cause first and foremost.

The discovery phase includes understanding the unique circumstances that will influence our recommend solution. It doesn’t make sense to offer a chemical treatment to someone when their water overflows into a river full of platypus, nor does it make sense to suggest designing aeration to a client with a lakeside wedding reception in three days time!

Some recommended options for algae control:
Biological water treatments
Floating Wetlands
Nutrient Reduction

Algae requires temperature, food and sunlight to grow. Reducing algae’s food source is ultimately the best treatment method, tackling the underlying problem found in most dams – too much nutrients (eutrophication). The main nutrient sources for algae are nitrogen and phosphorus, decomposing leaves, animal waste and storm water inputs. Nitrogen can be removed from water naturally by combining aeration and biological water treatments. This combo boosts beneficial bacteria that then converts nitrogen into a gas that escapes into the atmosphere. Beneficial bacteria can take care of phosphorus by locking it up in their cell structure making it unavailable for algae. This process is assisted by biological water treatments and flocculant that can be sprayed over the surface causing the phosphorus to sink, making it less available to algae.


Sunlight reduction

Limiting the amount of sunlight can help with some types of algae control, especially filamentous species and some of the smaller types such as planktonic algae. Lake dyes turn water blue or black and reduce the amount of sunlight available to plants and algae. A treatment in late winter can be useful to prevent the first onslaught of algae as the water warms.


Many types of algae have an internal buoyancy chamber that allows them to float. These chambers can be broken with ultrasonic frequencies in a similar way that a crystal glass can be shattered by the right sound wave. With the buoyancy chamber gone, the algae sinks to the bottom. Not all algae have buoyancy chambers and different algae is effected by different frequencies so it’s important to choose equipment with a wide range and use them in conjunction with nutrient reduction methods for best results.

Chemical water treatments

Copper is the most commonly used algaecide but copper sulphate has been replaced with safer chelated copper products that are less damaging to the aquatic environment. Other chemical treatments to combat algae include Clearwater Flocculant that can bind and sink phosphorus removing it as a food for algae; Algae Lift, a peroxygen chemistry used to bleach the Chlorophyll-a found in algae, making it susceptible to attack from naturally occurring bacteria.

Fish Stocking

Silver Perch are a native fish that are effective at grazing on filamentous algae. This however, is site specific because if more preferable food is available they’ll probably eat that first. Fish have tastes too!

Controlling algae successfully over the long term is about manipulating the environment it grows in. Water Quality Solutions will make sure you reach a decision that best suits your organisation.

Water Treatments

Biological water treatments

These treatments increase the biological activity and effectiveness of beneficial microbes (mostly bacteria) in the waterbody. These organisms out-compete algae, weeds and odour producing bacteria for available nutrients. They either digest the nutrients into elements such as water, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide or take them up as part of their own cell structure.

These beneficial bacteria are actually naturally occurring, but in man-made waterbodies there’s too much organic waste for the indigenous bacteria to process. So the aim is to grow more beneficial bacteria and less algae/ aquatic weeds.

Biological water treatments can be either all purpose or highly specialised to target problems such as sludge reduction, odour control, ammonia reduction, clarifying water (flocculant) or even degrading rotting vegetation after an algaecide or herbicide application. To better understand biological water treatments call us on 1300 283 387.

Biostim Pellets are dry, textured and Earthy-toned. For more information please refer to the data sheet located on our Resources page.


A thriving dam regularly treated with Biostim Pellets

Dam Liner

Dam Liner Installation

Water Quality Solutions are experienced with large scale dam liner installation using a variety of materials such as EPDM, HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, polyethylene, GCL and Bitumen. Each has its own advantages and specific uses, ie; liner for repairing a leaking dam will differ from liner for a new dam. There are many choices in this field so we help make the process as transparent as possible.

Floating Wetlands

Man-made waterbodies eventually accumulate more nutrients than they can process, resulting in an excessive algae or aquatic weeds. Floating wetlands are an effective tool for soaking up nutrients in aquatic systems making them unavailable for algae or aquatic weeds. Floating wetland panels float on the surface of the water and are planted with selective species of wetland plants. As these plants grow their root system penetrates the water taking nutrients in order to survive.

Floating treatment wetlands are a low-tech are favoured by municipal bodies and are a low-tech tool to strip nutrients from any waterbody.

Floating wetlands can:
Clarify water
Absorb heavy metals
Remove dissolved organic matter
Reduce odour
Suppress wave action and bank erosion
Provide a habitat for fish and birds
Reduce evaporation and
Create an aesthetic feature for the public

The modular design of our floating wetland panels mean they’re easy to ship on standard sized shipping pellets and are easy to install with no cranes or other equipment other than a small boat or kayak required.

Newborn floating wetlands installed in La Trobe Valley

Consultations, Installation & Maintenance

In this niche industry, working with a consultant will save time, money and effort. When managing a waterbody, one needs to think about both the situation at hand and the effects this decision making will have in the years ahead. Water Quality Solutions will discuss your goals, look at site specific circumstances, give thought, raise issues and awareness and provide a range of recommendations to assist you in your choice of action. If you want to implement any of our recommendations, we can provide professional installation or maintenance services in any location.

The Water Quality Solutions crew consistently develops their skills via attending conferences and undertaking project work with some of the best lake management companies. When hiring us you get the benefit of years of academic training and access to our vast network of experts.

Solar Aeration

Solar powered aeration are a people pleaser that will set you free from electricity bills, service interruptions or the concern of mixing wiring and water. We stock all-in-one solar systems that are powerful enough for your needs and provide long-term sustainability .

Water Quality Solutions have been working with solar aeration systems for many years and our range is steadily increasing to meet demand.

Irrigation Blockages

Unwanted growth of algae or biofilms in pipes and sprinklers cause havoc for irrigation systems. Even filters designed to screen out particles don’t offer much protection when bacteria, algae or fungus are growing on the filters themselves.

Water Quality Solutions adopt methods to reduce unwanted growth in dams as well as the pumps, filters, pipes and sprinklers that move water out of them. Solutions include:

Supply of flocculants and biologicals
Aquatically registered algaecides & herbicides
Iron and sludge reduction
Clearing weeds from suction points

We’ve made many a Golf Course Superintendent and Nurseryperson happy because they’re no longer spending hours tending to blockages and equipment failures!

Popular products

A selection of some of our best-selling products for Commercial and Government waterbodies.
Call us to receive a quote or if you have any questions.


Sustainable Aeration.

Aeration is key for maintaining the health and balance of your aquatic ecosystem, and by choosing one of our sustainable solutions, you’re also doing your bit for the rest of the environment as well.


Outdoor Water Solutions ‘Aermaster’ Solar Aeration

One of the most popular offerings from our solar aeration range, the Outdoor Water Solutions Aermaster is completely self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. The set up for this unit can be customised by your Water Quality Solutions specialist to specifically suit your water body.



Keeton Solar Aeration – Complete system with battery backup.

This solar system is designed to run for 20 hours a day and has the battery power to back it up. Complete with a lockable, weather resistant cabinet, self-weighted tubing and self-cleaning, non-clogging diffusers, the Keeton can help improve overall water quality, raise dissolved oxygen levels within your water body and reduce sludge and odours.

Speak with a friendly specialist today to see whether this system is right for your application.


 Watertreats Paddle Wheel

This solar powered system aerates, agitates and disperses water creating a boost to oxygen levels and making it harder for algae and other nasties to take root in your water body. Due to the way this system operates, it is also perfect for those with shallow water bodies.



Windmill Aeration

Another sustainable option is installing one of our windmill powered diaphragm systems. While not quite as powerful as some of our solar options, these systems are perfect for windy areas or those who want their aeration working 24/7 without adding a battery or mains backup like one would need to with a solar system.




Surface Aeration.

Surface Aeration is perfect for when you want to add an eye catching display piece as well as oxygen to your water.


Air-O-Lator Aquarian Professional

The Air-O-Lator Aquarian Professional provides a lovely low dome display while also creating a mixing effect in your water body as well as introducing extra oxygen through surface transfer.



Air-O-Lator Carnival

As shown, the 3hp Air-O-Later Carnival unit provides a slightly higher display and can also be fitted with an optional light set if you’re after that extra wow factor for events. This powerful aerating fountain is perfect for almost any surface aeration application and the sound of trickling water is sure to add tranquility to any location.



Matala Floating Fountain

While this option won’t add as much oxygen to your water as the previous two, the Matala Floating Fountain can provide a gorgeous, fully customisable display within your water body while also providing basic aeration.




Sub-Surface Aeration.

Sub-Surface Aeration is ideal for applications where your water body is large and/or oddly shaped. It’s also great for when you want to keep surface disturbance to a minimum (to avoid frightening livestock / maintain a certain aesthetic / etc.).


Vertex ‘Air 1’

This Vertex USA system couples efficient aeration with low power consumption. Providing super fine bubble aeration, this unit needs next to no maintenance and features a 1/3hp motor to assist with energy saving endeavours.

Your Water Quality Solutions Specialist can design a personally tailored set up for the use of this unit in your water body.


Air-O-Later Enterprise

This premium Air-O-Lator aspirator adds oxygen to your water horizontally which makes it perfect for wastewater applications and other instances where you don’t necessarily want to be mixing about your water layers. The Enterprise works by sucking air into a high volume propeller pump, mixing the air and water then dispersing the oxygen rich water over a large area.



Plant Life.

Adding plant life to your water body carries the obvious benefits for aesthetics but it can also help support your aquatic ecosystem.


Floating Wetlands.

Floating wetlands aren’t just a pretty face. Installing a panel can provide habitat for local birds and other native creatures, help protect your fish from predators and assist in removing excess nutrients from your water body.

Please note that we recommend adding the bird guard attachment if you have small plants that may need a little extra support. These can be removed once your plants are fully established and no longer as vulnerable.


Your Water Quality Solutions Specialist can also help you specify what plants would be best for your water body and source your selections for you if you would like them to.

Please be aware that you will need to refer back to your local laws regarding what what plants are allowed in your area.


Biological Treatments.

Biological Augmentation (the tweaking of bacteria levels within your water body) is a great way to help ensure the health and balance of your aquatic ecosystem.


Biostim Pellets.

Part of the Biostim range from WaterTreats, these pellets are great for reducing nutrient load and sludge in your water body. Specially formulated from a blend of beneficial bacteria, vitamins and boosters, these pellets will biologically degrade sediment and help improve your overall water quality.