Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater Solutions

We’ve been providing Australia’s wastewater industry with aerators and biological water treatments for over a decade. We’re familiar with EPA guidelines on wastewater treatment and have helped dozens of plants improve their water quality to meet regulatory standards. This includes helping wastewater plants reduce levels of toxic gases like ammonia.

We stock several aerators for wastewater treatment but our most popular is the Air-O-Lator Commercial which was specially-engineered for the wastewater industry. The aerator mixes water as well as aerating it. This keeps the solids suspended so they break down faster. The aerator also reduces spray drift through a specially-designed diffuser that deflects any water sprayed into the air. This is ideal when aerating water full of nasty chemicals you don’t want airborne.

The Air-O-Lator Commercial units are compact and easy to drop into multiple areas of your wastewater lagoon. This often improves results because you can tackle multiple areas at once. The units are energy-efficient and small enough to move by hand. They’re also easy to combine so you can use as many or as few units as you need.

As well as aeration, we provide wastewater plants with biological treatments to speed up the breakdown of organic material.

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Sludge Reduction

Sludge increases turbidity, BOD and nutrients – it reduces a dam’s water holding capacity, causes ‘rotten egg’ odours and is the main food source for algae. Dredging organic sludge can be expensive but it can also be treated more cost effectively using beneficial bacteria and oxygen.

We prescribe natural, biological products that treat sludge by releasing bacteria, enzymes and micro-nutrients. Together they build an army of hungry, sludge-eating that digest the organic material that builds up on the bottom. These bacteria are aerobic (oxygen thriving) so although they work in any dam. For the best result, combine this treatment with aeration.

Got sludge? We can fix that.

Odour Control

Most odours stem from the breakdown of complex organics like long chain fatty acids in the wastewater process. This is commonplace in industrial wastewater treatment systems where odours are intensified by an imbalance from one source of BOD. These include but are not limited to; proteins from dairy plants, fats from rendering plants, amines from chemical processing, fibres from paper mills and sugars from distilleries. It’s best to accelerate the breakdown of these forms of BOD by introducing wastewater catalysts as far upstream in the wastewater treatment system as possible.

Water Quality Solutions’ odour control products are concentrated blends of essential oils that bind to and neutralise smelly compounds so they don’t just deodorise – they eliminate.

Additionally, it is important to investigate the root cause. Anaerobic environments are a hub for odours and thick sludge blankets are where a significant amount of wastewater odours are generated. The thicker the sludge, the more odours are generated so reducing sludge layers is one of the keys to wastewater odour control and our range of sludge reduction products will do just that.

Banish odour, increase employee well-being!

Ammonia Control

Moan about ammonia no more

Ammonia is toxic to fish and loved by aquatic weeds, algae and cyanobacteria which causes problems in aquatic systems.

Fortunately, ammonia can be processed biologically by specific strains of oxygen loving beneficial bacteria. These bacteria need stable conditions to be effective so this can be difficult to do in a wastewater treatment plant, especially during cold weather, peaks and troughs of wastewater inflows.

Operators of wastewater treatment plants that suffer from high or fluctuating ammonia levels can turn to our ammonia control products to quickly reduce ammonia levels and reinstate the nitrification process.

Our products contain highly concentrated blends of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that are critical to ammonia control and enable wastewater treatment systems to get back online after a crash or simply help maintain a well functioning wastewater treatment system.

Our products control ammonia quickly and safely

Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG)

Wastewater Fats, Oil and Grease

Once upon a time, fats, oil and grease (FOG) build up needed to be removed manually. This method is expensive, disruptive and invasive.

The Water Quality Solutions alternative is to add targeted bacteria that will break down the FOG found in traps, pump stations, wet wells, treatment systems and wastewater lagoons. Our nonpathogenic microbes are developed to reduce filaments, FOG, sludge production and control foaming. They will soften up and degrade FOG while lowering hydrogen sulphide and therefore reduce odour and corrosion.

This range of new-age grease reduction products, will save your plant time, money and headaches!

Before application of grease reduction products 

After application of grease reduction products. Favourable results begun to show within hours

Algae Control

Prolonged exposure to sunlight, shallow depths, warm water, long detention times, and abundant nutrients contribute to algal blooms in wastewater lagoons. Excessive algae causes problems with the stability of the waterbody’s biological functions due to swings in pH, high ammonia levels, BOD or TSS and low oxygen. If these water quality problems result in an effluent outside of discharge limits, the problem becomes critical.

Water Quality Solutions pioneer chemical, biological and mechanical solutions for algae. Control methods include algaecides, industrial aeration, ultrasonic transmitters, biological treatments, dyes, UV, Ozone and floating wetlands. Our consultants develop a treatment program to suit your individual conditions and budget and long-term goals.

Our client’s dam before treatment
Our client’s dam after treatment

Lagoon & Tank Aeration

Lagoon Aeration

Aerobic lagoons can reliably remove BOD and significantly reduce ammonia in less space and with less potential for odours compared to other types of lagoons. Aeration systems used in wastewater lagoons supply dissolved oxygen to aerobic microorganisms so they can degrade organic waste materials into carbon dioxide, water and cell biomass.

When it comes to aerating wastewater lagoons there are two critical aspects – adding dissolved oxygen and then mixing it throughout the lagoon. There’s not much point using an aerator that adds large volumes of dissolved oxygen if it only stays in one section and doesn’t give the bacteria enough contact time with the oxygen or organic waste. A wastewater lagoon aerator should not only aerate but also mix oxygen, bacteria and organic waste so the entire lagoon can be effectively used. You can also improve performance of an aerobic wastewater lagoon by combining aeration with some of our specialised biological wastewater treatments that boost the biological activity within the lagoon allowing BOD, odour and ammonia to be processed rapidly.

Water Quality Solutions have a wide variety of lagoon aeration systems and work with some of the world’s best aeration engineers and manufacturers to ensure our wastewater lagoon aeration systems are customised to suit your individual needs.

Triplepoint Aeration is the world leader in wastewater aeration and one of our trusted partners

Tank Aeration

Regardless of a tank being used for simply holding water or for wastewater processing, aeration can provide valuable water quality improvements. Water holding tanks can be aerated to reduce odour, digest organic waste that builds up over time and improve water quality for upstream filtration or treatment systems.

Wastewater tanks can be aerated to improve biological degradation of organic waste material. Tank aeration can speed up BOD reduction processes, reduce ammonia and control odour. This process can be sped up by the adding some or our specialised biological water treatments.

Water Quality Solutions work with a variety of aeration systems suitable for tank aeration and can help customise a system for your specific application.

Submersible aeration


Strict effluent requirements, capacity expansion and improving under performing equipment are common challenges that face wastewater operators today.

In this niche industry, working with a lake management consultant will save time, money and effort. When managing a waterbody, one needs to think about both the situation at hand and the effects this decision making will have in the years ahead. Poor advice or bad actions can be expensive and damaging to your aquatic environment.

Water Quality Solutions will discuss your goals, look at site specific circumstances, give thought, raise issues and awareness and provide a range of recommendations to assist you in your choice of action. If you want to implement any of our recommendations, we can provide professional installation or maintenance services in any location.

The Water Quality Solutions crew consistently develops their skills via attending conferences and undertaking project work with some of the best lake management companies. When hiring us you get the benefit of years of academic training and access to our network of experts.