Solution Showcase: Weed Removal

Removing Aquatic Weed From Dams

Anyone who owns or manages a water body is most likely going to have to deal with invasive weeds at some point.

If not removed correctly, the dead flora can actually create more issues post-mortem than they did alive so it’s important to go about things the right way.

Check out the video below to hear from our Superstar Technician, and founder of the Not For Profit Organisation, Aussie Tradies For The Ladies, Adam Stuckey about how to correctly remove weeds from your aquatic ecosystem (and get a sneak peak at how our specially trained staff can help you out if you’d rather have someone else do the dirty work for you).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or require assistance from one of our friendly experts.

We’re always happy to have a chat about the health of your water body and can get some of our Superstar Technicians out on site if you need them.

Video Transcript:

When dealing with weeds, manual removal is the most effective way to ensure that you fix the problem without creating another, possibly worse, issue.

Dead or rotting organic matter greatly increases the nutrient load of your water body and can throw your entire ecosystem out of balance.

By entirely removing weeds, rather than simply killing them, this risk is greatly reduced.

Weed removal is one of the many services our Superstar Technicians are able to provide your lake, dam, or water catchment with.

Our technicians start by reviewing the area, and figuring out the best way to resolve each situation.

Here we are at a property in country Victoria, where Cumbungi (Goombungee), also known as bulrush has overtaken a dam which is causing not just a visual eyesore, but also limiting circulation.

Lack of circulation causes stagnation which creates odour, poor aquatic health and insect infestation.

In this case, our technicians manually remove all unwanted vegetation below the water’s surface, using a specialised cutting tool, and floating the vegetation to the surface.

The correct sized boat, with a specialised rake attached to the front of it, is then used to remove cut weeds from the water and place them on shore for the customer to dispose of.

Once the weeds have been cut and removed from the water body, aquatic weed spray is applied below the surface to treat remaining vegetation and inhabiting growth.

Depending on the time of year, this may need to be done several times to treat any new vegetation that presents itself.

A maintenance plan is then put into action, to keep your lake, dam, or water body, weed free and looking its best, twelve months of the year.


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