Within 6 weeks the dam became so clear

We had an urgent problem; our old irrigation system had blockages from weeds and nutrient-rich water was being sucked up into the pumps. Our dam was also riddled with black sludge. Scott recommended both aeration and biologicals and within six weeks the dam became so clear I could see to the bottom of it for the first time in years! I was chuffed that we could fix the issue without the use of chemicals.

Worked Amazingly

Our wastewater system was foaming due to a presence of nasty bacteria. The knowledgeable and friendly Kim advised that we try combining the Aquafix Foam Buster and Quik-Zyme L. Within a week the products arrived and the results were just as fast. They were safe to handle and worked amazingly.

It Was Exactly What We Needed

The municipal has a nutrient-rich stormwater lake that was having continuous problems with algae growth. We were previously treating the nutrients with a liquid solution that would just end up getting flushed away with the outgoing water. Scott recommended we switch to Biostim pellets which were exactly what we needed.

Excellent products and service

I am very impressed with the outcome of the recommendations from Water Quality Solutions for my customer's hydroponics farm. I’ve experienced first-hand the importance of having the right balance between oxygen and good bacteria in water and pleased to see how quickly the water quality improved. The treatments were effective, and the aeration system was easy to deploy, and I am pleasantly surprised with the low power drainage of it. The team were very easy to work with and communicated well, keeping in touch every step of the way. I will certainly recommend their products and services to others.

My Trout Have Grown Into Super Trout

After the tragedy that was Black Saturday, I knew I needed a dam that could fight fire as well as being a healthy home for my Trout. Kim and Scott were great at recommending the best surface aeration for me and today my trout have grown into Super Trout!

They Have Helped Us Become The Leader In Water Feature Design

Over the past eight years, Water Quality Solutions has helped our team on many an occasion through the provision of advice and training on the various aspects of water quality, water treatment, and the equipment required for the same. They have helped us become the leader in water feature design/construction in Australia. We will continue to work with Water Quality Solutions on all future projects which require a more detailed understanding of the marine eco system and the various factors affecting its behaviour.

An Invaluable Point Of Call For Any In The Industry

I have relied on Scott to solve any problems that I have thrown at him, however complex for the last eight years. Since moving to Cairns, he has helped me learn about lakes and dams, which are prominent in our resorts, restaurants, golf courses and wildlife parks. An invaluable point of call for any in the industry.

Solutions That Work!

Our water bodies were attacked by Filamentous algae! We were prescribed the Vertex Twin Air Stations and compressor as well as an Algaecide and Biostim FB. We have not had a single algae problem since the diffuser’s were installed. Where we use the Biostim in smaller ponds that can’t have an aerator installed we have noticed a huge reduction in algae. Water Quality Solutions has always been able to provide solutions that work and Kim is always happy to help.

Water Quality Solutions Are My First Port Of Call

Having battled algae for years in my 2.5 megalitre dam, in mid-2015 I purchased a tiny, 1/3hp Vertex compressor and twin diffuser. The unit has run trouble-free 24/7 ever since, significantly curbed the appearance of summer algae and greatly reduced our chemical usage. As a result, Water Quality Solutions are my first port of call!

Thank You Water Quality Solutions

My easily assembled windmill provides aeration to my small dam and a large improvement in water quality using no cost wind power. Building the windmill was easy using items from the local hardware store, the windmill kit and clear instructions from Kim. The kids can now swim in the dam and we have an icon that the neighbours all comment on. Thank you Water Quality Solutions!

Got The Job Done Right

Visiting ducks and our pet geese were continuously fouling the dam. Water Quality Solutions recommended a number of systems to improve the water quality. We are very happy with our final choice of the OWS Dam 2 Aeration System. This combined with the Biostim Pellets and Biostim Liquid are cleaning up the dirty dam and ‘everything they said would happen has happened’. If you want to get the job done and get it done right, don't hesitate to contact these guys.

Our Lake Is In Tip Top Shape

We have been utilising the team at Water Quality Solutions to manage our ornamental lake to keep it in tip-top shape. Whether over the phone or onsite for installations, water quality testing or just making the water sparkle, we would definitely recommend Scott and the team to manage your body of water.

An amazing improvement

My experience with Water Quality Solutions was very positive. Since installing the Vertex aeration system and the biological products recommended to me, my water quality has improved drastically! I would like to give special thanks to Kim, her professionalism and manner of communication was clear, informative and friendly and it was a pleasure chatting with her. If you are experiencing any problem with your dam, give these guys a call they will not disappoint.

Service that goes above and beyond!

When I first contacted Water Quality Solutions I was having the usual problems with algae, unclear water and overall poor water quality. I needed to get my pond into shape and I wanted to maintain it. It was recommended that I install an aeration system and apply biological treatments to quickly improve the water. I took advantage of the installation service and regular onsite maintenance from Josh, who is an absolute pleasure to have around. He is an incredibly hard worker, did a great job on the installation and who is always timely. Good service is hard to come by and both the Sales and Maintenance team at Water Quality Solutions definitely met my expectations and always go above and beyond.

Quickly cleared up our algae clogged filters

Prior to contacting Water Quality Solutions we were having issues with algae clogging our filtration systems. We arranged an onsite consultation and went ahead with Scott's recommendations to install the aeration system and apply the biological treatments. I would definitely recommend contacting the team at WQS, we are very impressed with the products as we no longer have issues with the algae in our filters. Scott is very easy to deal with, communicated very well and provided an overall great experience.

A great lining and algae solution

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney recently had a pond with an inappropriate liner installed. We worked with Water Quality Solutions to install a more suitable EPDM liner and prescribed treatments for algae. Everything is going well with the pond since and we are very satisfied with the service received. We would highly recommend Water Quality Solutions services.

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