The Benefits Of Solar Dam Aerators

The Benefits Of Solar Dam Aerators

Solar Dam Aerators have seen a massive rise in popularity over the past few years and for good reason.

Aerating your dam is one of the easiest and most efficient strategies for long-term water quality improvement and solar dam aerators bring their own set of benefits above and beyond the standard health improvements your aquatic ecosystem will reap from the installation of a dam aerator.

What Are The Benefits Of Running A Dam Aerator?

All life needs oxygen to support it and aquatic life is no different. By installing and correctly maintaining a dam aerator you’ll be looking after any fish and plants you may have in your dam and boosting your beneficial bacteria populations. But that’s not the only benefit to dam aeration, you’ll also see the below improvements:

  • Control algae and aquatic weed:

    One of the simplest ways to control algae in dams is to aerate the water. This is because your dam aeration system will continuously circulate the water (which blue-green algae in particular hates) and support your beneficial bacteria in their mission to out compete algae and aquatic weeds for nutrients in your water.

  • Reduce sludge:

    Speaking of bacteria, the friendly ones that eat the sludge at the bottom of your dam are mostly aerobic (meaning they need oxygen to thrive). This means that you if want to reduce the sludge in your dam, you’re going to want to install a dam aeration system to support your friendly bacteria.

  • Keep dam water well mixed and circulated:

    Mixing your dam may seem like a strange thing to do but if you want a healthy aquatic ecosystem it’s actually one of the most important factors. In an aerated dam, all the layers of your water are continuously being circulated and mixed together but if you don’t aerate your dam, these layers will separate (this is a process called stratification) and can flip when the temperature changes. This can lead to fish kills and other issues that you really don’t want to be dealing with.

  • Control water odour:

    Another common issue that a dam aerator can help you avoid is smelly dam water. If you haven’t experienced this phenomenon we hope for your sake things stay that way but if you have, then you know exactly why this is something that you want to stop before it starts. This can be easily achieved with the assistance of a dam aeration system as it’s not actually your dam water that smells, it’s the anaerobic bacteria that flourish in low oxygen environments so by adding oxygen with the help of a dam aerator, you can help the aerobic bacteria in your ecosystem out compete their odour causing nasty cousins.

  • Reduce the amount of mosquitos and other pests:

    Mosquitos and other undesirables love still, stagnant water. Just like algae, however, they hate water that is constantly circulating so not only will running a dam aerator improve your water quality it will also provide natural pest control.

What Are The Extra Benefits Of Running A Solar Dam Aerator?

Solar dam aerators provide all the above benefits but as noted earlier they also come with their own set of extra perks that can support your dam ecosystem, water quality and back pocket.

  • No power required:

    Aside from the obvious benefit of reducing your power bill, the fact that solar dam aerators don’t require power makes them far more versatile than their standard mains powered counterparts. Before efficient solar dam aeration became common, dams that didn’t have power near the banks required the use of a remote set up or a complicated process of moving power to the dam’s edge. Now you can simply set up your solar panels in a position where they’ll get plenty of sun and let your aerator do the rest.

  • Perfect for off grid applications:

    If you’re far enough away from basic electrical facilities that you’re running completely off the grid (or have simply decided that you don’t want to rely on external power supplies), solar aeration is the ideal solution for your needs. Unless you want to run a hybrid aeration unit (more on that later) you need exactly zero power to get your dam aerated, as long as you’ve got sun you’re set.

  • Fully self-contained, self-reliant systems:

    Solar dam aerators don’t require any external support so they’re an ideal solution for primary producers or others who may need to prioritise their power consumption. They are also ideal for use in irrigation dams where your pumping process takes up all your available power by the dam.

  • Less energy loss:

    Solar dam aerators are also arguably more efficient than mains powered aeration systems as energy is transported across a far shorter distance, therefore reducing energy loss.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact:

    If sustainability is your goal then a solar dam aerator should be your first port of call. As they are completely sustainably powered, switching to a solar aeration system can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact. Plus, depending on where you are located, there may be assistance schemes and grants available for those looking to make the switch to clean energy.

What Solar Dam Aeration Options Are Available?

Water Quality Solutions are proud to have the largest range of solar dam aeration options available in Australia. Our offerings include both surface and sub-surface dedicated DC solar dam aerators as well as hybrid aeration systems and retrofit solar power kits.

Surface Solar Dam Aerators and Solar Aerating Fountains:

Arguably the most popular form of solar dam aeration at the moment, surface aerators and aerating fountains, can help boost both your oxygen levels and aesthetics.

Surface Solar Dam Aerators:

Water Quality Solutions are pleased to be able to bring the Australian community both dedicated DC solar dam aerators and hybrid solar dam aeration systems from the Airolator Solar Aeration Solutions range.

The Airolator Aquarian Professional Surface Solar Dam Aerator can be purchased as a 1hp dedicated solar aerator, 1.5hp dedicated solar aerator, or a 1.5hp hybrid solar aerator.

The Airolator Aquarian Commercial Surface Solar Aerator is available as a 3hp dedicated solar aerator and a 3hp hybrid solar aerator.

The Airolator Enterprise Solar Aspirating Aerator can be bought in 1hp, 1.5hp and 3hp models with the 1hp unit offering dedicated solar aeration and the 1.5hp and 3hp units available as dedicated solar or hybrid solar aerators.

Solar Aerating Fountains:

The Airolator Solar Aeration Solutions range also includes three different sizes of Carnival Solar Aerating Fountains. The 1hp model is a dedicated DC aerator while the 1.5hp and 3hp units can be purchased as dedicated solar or hybrid solar aerators.

To find out more about the Airolator Solar Aeration Solutions range, please view the below brochures:

1hp Airolator Solar Aeration Solutions Dedicated Solar Aerators Brochure

1.5hp Airolator Solar Aeration Solutions Dedicated Solar Aerators Brochure

3hp Airolator Solar Aeration Solutions Dedicated Solar Aerators Brochure


Sub-Surface Solar Dam Aerators:

Sub-Surface Solar Dam Aerators are also available for those looking to boost their dissolved oxygen levels without creating too much surface disturbance.

Sub-Surface Solar Aerators For Larger Dams:

Our two main sub-surface solar aerators for larger dams are the Outdoor Water Solutions ‘Aermaster’ Solar Aeration System and the Keeton Solar Aeration System With Battery Back Up.

The Outdoor Water Solutions ‘Aermaster’ Solar Aeration System is one of our most popular solar dam aerator offerings. These systems are fully customisable and one of our friendly expert team members will be happy to specify the correct system for your dam. Just give us a call on 1300 283 387 and your assigned specialist will sort the details for you.

The Keeton Solar Aeration Systems also fly out of our warehouse due to their versatility. Designed to work for 20 hours each day, these systems are also completely customisable and feature a battery back up system that keeps them running even after the sun goes down. These solar aerators come complete with a lockable, weather resistant cabinet, self-weighted tubing and self-cleaning, non-clogging diffusers.

Sub-Surface Solar Aerators For Large Ponds And Smaller Dams:

We also have the smaller end of the water body spectrum covered with the WaterTreats range of solar air pumps.

Specially designed to provide maximum efficiency in the aeration of large ponds and smaller dams, WaterTreats Solar Air Pumps are available in 80lpm, 120lpm and 200lpm varieties.

These units can be used at depths of up to two metres and can bought as stand alone solar air compressors to be attached to an existing set up or as a complete solar aeration kit.

You can find out more about the WaterTreats range of solar air pumps here.

Please contact one of our friendly expert team members to discuss whether a WaterTreats Solar Air Pump could be the right fit for you.

Should I Get A Surface Solar Aerator Or A Sub-Surface Solar Aeration System?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your specific situation, the intended use of your dam and personal preference.

We suggest browsing the below resources for a general overview and getting in touch if you would like personally tailored advice.

Dam Aeration – Surface vs Sub-Surface In Less Than Two Minutes

Maintaining A Surface Based Dam Aerator

Maintaining A Sub-Surface Dam Aerator

What If I Already Have A Dam Aerator?

We understand that completely replacing your dam aeration system probably isn’t on your to do list if you already have a dam aerator installed. That’s why we have developed retrofit solar power kits.

Suitable for most Vertex and Matala systems, our retrofit solar power kits allow you to adapt your pre-existing sub-surface dam aerator to accept input from a DC power source. This will effectively turn your aeration system into a hybrid unit therefore allowing you to halve your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint while still maintaining appropriate dam aeration.

To discuss the application of a retrofit solar power kit to your aerator, please call us on 1300 283 387.

How Do I Know If A Solar Dam Aerator Is Right For Me?

Long Story Short: If you have a dam that needs aerating, a solar dam aerator is probably a great option for you.

With over twenty purchasing options available, Water Quality Solutions are proud to bring you the largest range of solar aeration options in the Australian market, backed by decades worth of experience in water management.

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