Probiotic treatments

To support your dam’s long-term health, we recommend you regularly add probiotics to your water.

What does a probiotic treatment do?

A probiotic treatment (e.g. Biostim) involves actively feeding the “good” microbes in your dam, much the same way you might eat Greek yoghurt or drink Kombucha to feed the “good” microbes in your gut. These “good” microbes eat the sludge on the bottom of your dam and consume nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. They also outcompete “bad” microbes that cause odour.

In essence, they keep everything in balance, curating a healthy aquatic ecosystem, so your dam can take care of itself.

  • Reduces sludge
  • Stops odours
  • Limits nitrogen and phosphorus

Which biological treatment do you recommend?

We recommend Biostim. It’s a brand we launched several years ago when we recognised there was a lack of genuine probiotic biological treatments on the market in Australia. We wanted Aussie buyers to have access to a 100% natural formula we knew worked, so we created our own.

Watch: Scotty Tucker explains how Biostim can break down sludge and improve the overall health of your dam.

Case Study: Biostim and Manningham Council

In January 2021, we ran a 3-month test with Manningham Council to see how well Biostim actually worked on its own—without aeration—to improve the water in one of the council’s catchments.

Water samples were taken in January 2021 and again 3-months later in April 2021. During the 3-months, the catchment was given a standard monthly dose of Biostim.

Here are the key results:

  • Nitrogen levels reduced by 4x (2.6 to 0.57 mg/L)
  • Phosphorus levels reduced by 7x (0.38 to 0.05 mg/L)
  • Suspended solids reduced by 130x (1600 to 12 mg/L)

What customers say about Biostim

“In our ponds that are too small for aerators, we used Biostim pellets on their own and have noticed a huge reduction in algae.”

Andy Hart, Horticultural Curator, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, SA

“We had an old irrigation system blocked by weeds. Our dam was also riddled with black sludge. Scott recommended both aeration and Biostim and within six weeks the dam became so clear I could see to the bottom of it! I was chuffed we could fix the issue without the use of chemicals.”

Michael Grant, Owner Grant’s Citrus Farm, VIC

“Visiting ducks and our pet geese were continuously fouling the dam. WQS recommended a number of systems to improve the water quality. We are very happy with our final choice, the windmill aeration system. This combined with the Biostim pellets and liquid are cleaning up the dirty dam. Everything WQS said would happen has happened!”

Greg Lewis, Canterbury, Victoria

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How do I apply it? 

Once a month, toss the Biostim into your water body, much the same way you would scatter chook pellets. Ensure you add a little to all parts of your dam. If you have a particularly problematic area, add more Biostim to this part.