Removing algae and weeds

You don’t need chemicals to fight algae and weeds!

That’s like drinking bleach to treat a sore throat. Sure, you’ll kill off the bug (the algae and weeds), but you’re also likely to kill off a lot of the “good” guys too (those responsible for supporting your dam’s immune system). Not only will this not stop algae and weeds coming back, but it can weaken the overall health of your dam, making it more difficult for it to stand on its own two feet.

A two-step natural solution to eradicate algae and weeds

Our 100% natural (chemical-free) solution is guaranteed to reduce algae and weeds in your dam and requires just two steps:

1. Add oxygen

Installing an aerator in your dam will add more oxygen to the water (Read: How aeration works). This oxygen not only keeps fish, plants, and other wildlife healthy, but also encourages more “good” (oxygen-loving) microbes to grow. These “good” microbes feed on the same source of nutrients algae and weeds depend on to survive (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus). This means, the more “good” microbes there are in your dam, the less algae and weeds. Watch the video below to see just how effective an aerator can be at eradicating algae.

2. Add a probiotic

As mentioned above, more “good” microbes in your dam = less algae and weeds. This is why we encourage you to add a small dose of probiotics (eg. Biostim) to your dam each month. This will feed the “good” microbes in your aquatic ecosystem, ensuring their populations thrive. Not only will these “good” guys deplete nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, but they’ll also feed on the sludge on the bottom of your dam.

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