We’ve been providing Australia’s wastewater industry with aerators and biological water treatments for over a decade. We’re familiar with EPA guidelines on wastewater treatment and have helped dozens of plants improve their water quality to meet regulatory standards. This includes helping wastewater plants reduce levels of toxic gases like ammonia.

We stock several aerators for wastewater treatment but our most popular is the Air-O-Lator Commercial which was specially-engineered for the wastewater industry. The aerator mixes water as well as aerating it. This keeps the solids suspended so they break down faster. The aerator also reduces spray drift through a specially-designed diffuser that deflects any water sprayed into the air. This is ideal when aerating water full of nasty chemicals you don’t want airborne.

The Air-O-Lator Commercial units are compact and easy to drop into multiple areas of your wastewater lagoon. This often improves results because you can tackle multiple areas at once. The units are energy-efficient and small enough to move by hand. They’re also easy to combine so you can use as many or as few units as you need.

As well as aeration, we provide wastewater plants with biological treatments to speed up the breakdown of organic material.

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