Why There Is Less Algae, Sludge And Aquatic Weed In Winter

Why There Is Less Algae, Sludge And Aquatic Weed In Winter

“Where did my algae and aquatic weed go?!” 



Just as we do in the winter and the cooler months, aquatic weed, algae and sludge tend to slow down a little. This means you are likely to see less than in the summer months. Great (but…)!  

Don’t get too excited because it will be back with a vengeance! Just because the algae and weed have subsided, doesn’t mean the ducks have stopped pooping and providing nutrients for the sludge to store, ready to feed the aquatic weed and algae later when it warms up. If left unattended, by the time the weather gets a little warmer the algae and aquatic weed will explode into action and will very quickly become out of hand.

Duck weed is one of the most common aquatic weed species, did you know that is doubles in size every 16 hours or so?!  

Rather than spending thousands on getting out harvesters and contractors to manually remove your weed and algae infestation, why not take preventative measures right now that will save you time, provide peace of mind, and, most importantly, spare you those massive costs later?  

Aeration and ongoing application of biological treatments are, in most cases the answer to your problems with aquatic weed, algae and sludge. The products we recommend are incredibly effective, easy on your wallet and most importantly; safe and influenced by nature. If you thought about contacting us last summer, of even if you did and our recommendations fell by the way side during the busy and expensive Christmas period, now is the time to act.  

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