What Are The Benefits Of Pond Dye?

Benefits of Pond Dye - Beautify Your Dam, Reduce Algae and More Great Benefits of Dying Your Water

What are the benefits of pond dye?

Your pond mimics a natural waterbody and so is highly influenced by the surrounding environment. This can mean changes in water quality and colour occur over time which can result in common problems including sludge, aquatic weed and algae. Pond Dye is a potential solution that leaves your water looking fantastic.
Pond Dye not only is a quick way to colour the water it also hosts a range of other benefits for improving and maintaining good water quality. It is 100% safe for humans, wildlife and aquatic animals too!

Algae Prevention:

Algal blooms can be very problematic for all residential, commercial and wastewater lagoons, dams and ponds. Algae requires sunlight to grow. Pond dye can reduce the occurrence and ferocity of an algal bloom by filtering out the availability of direct sunlight and therefore can impact on the algae and aquatic weeds ability to grow.

Preserve Fish:

Algae takes up the oxygen in the water and can deprive it from aquatic life that live in the water. Even the smallest of algal blooms can lead to fish kills.The pond dye can also help to keep your fish in the water and not in the belly of predators. Darkening the water reduces the visibility of your fish and created a reflective surface.


Safe to use and non-toxic, the dye is available in three colours; blue, black and blue/black. Generally, 1 satchel of the pond dye treats 1ML of water and usually lasts between 3-4 months.

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  • Gus wrote...


    We have a fairly large dam ( approx 1 acre) on our property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

    Our query relates to the type of fish that may already exist and the best possible variety that we can stock

    Also, the dye product suppliers

    Many thanks

    • The Terrific Treatment Tardigrade wrote...

      Hi Gus,
      We can certainly help you out with this but to give you proper suggestions we’ll need a bit more information. Could you please fill out a Contact Form so we know when the best time to chat with you is? This way we can set you up with one of our specialists and ensure they know everything they need to in order to give you what you need πŸ™‚
      P.S. we can supply you with Pond Dye, when you chat with a specialist they’ll be able to work out your dose rates and get it all sorted!

  • Sue Basler wrote...

    We would like more information about this! We have a newly built 3 acre pond, and we have resentful stocked it with 3-4 inch fish.

    • The Terrific Treatment Tardigrade wrote...

      Hey Sue,
      We’d be happy to have a chat about your pond, could you give us a call on 1300 283 387 or fill out a contact form so we can offer further assistance?

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