Koi Pond, Fish Pond & Pond Filtration Design and Installation

Koi Clear Vortex and Biological Filter

Filtration is important for maintaining an attractive pond but it’s critical for fish and other aquatic life. We have vast experience designing and installing filtration systems for koi ponds, fish ponds, water features and other aquatic systems. Most pond filtration systems in Australia are manufactured and imported from other countries, most of which have different environmental conditions to ours so our specialist knowledge of what systems and size filters are suitable for our conditions can save you time and money by getting the right advice from the start.

If you’d like some expert advice and assistance selecting and sizing an appropriate filter for your koi pond, fish pond, garden pond or other aquatic project then our $48 phone consultation with a lake management expert is an easy, affordable way of getting the information you need and if you go on to use any of our products or services from us then you have the opportunity for the $48 fee to be refunded so you get our expert advice at no charge.

Looking to improve the water quality for your fish? Talk to Scotty Tucker. Call 1300 283 837.

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