Solution Showcase: Sub-Surface Lake Aeration

Lake Aeration

When the main focus of your water body is to provide a tranquil sight, sub-surface is undeniably the superior form of aeration for your situation thanks to the minimal creation of surface disturbance.

Check out this illustrated PDF: Solution Showcase – Lake Aeration to see how it worked for a private customer in Victoria or check out the plain text transcript below:

Sub-Surface Lake Aeration Solution Showcase Transcript:

The Sub-Surface Aeration System discussed in this showcase was installed at a private customer’s lake in Victoria.

Previous Set Up:

A 15kw waste water style aeration system.

Not only was this incredibly costly to run, but the system also needed to be serviced monthly which further pushed running costs up.

Water Body Purpose:

The lake generally exists for aesthetic purposes but does sometimes process basic waste water from the owner’s neighbouring winery.

  • There is no power near the lake so any system implemented must be capable of running remotely or without power.
  • If the system does run remotely, it must be strong enough to still provide sufficient aeration from a significant distance away.
  • The system must also be capable of processing waste water on the odd occasion that waste water from irrigation finds its way into the lake.
Our Recommendation:

Given the situation and purposes of the lake, we felt that the most appropriate measure would be to install a Vertex sub-surface aeration system. Specifically, this system would be a 1.1kw remote set up.

This will allow the aesthetics of the lake to remain similar to how they have always been, while adding sufficient oxygen and circulation to the water body.

*Please refer to illustrated PDF version of Solution Showcase to see the completed system.


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