Solution Showcase: Wetland Care and Maintenance

Wetland Care and Maintenance

No matter what kind of water body you have, regular maintenance will greatly improve your water quality.

At a basic level, this includes having an appropriate aeration system and dealing with any issues that may pop up as soon as possible, but keeping your water body in top condition is a bit more intricate.

If you’re looking for advice on how to maintain your water body, or you’re curious as to what kind of things our superstars get up to when we come handle the upkeep for you, check out our wetland care and maintenance solution showcase in this illustrated PDF: Solution Showcase – Wetland Care and Maintenance or see the transcript below.

You can also download and print your own DIY Monthly Maintenance Checklist if you would like to.

Monthly Maintenance Solution Showcase Transcript:

The Monthly Maintenance discussed in this showcase has been undertaken at Abey Australia in Victoria since March 2018.


We perform maintenance on Abey’s office moat and wetlands. The team here are an absolute pleasure and we’re super happy to be working with them as their sustainability focus and core environmental values align closely with ours.

For almost sixty years, Abey Australia have been at the cutting edge of design and technology in the household water fixtures sector. They produce some of the world’s most efficient fittings and have a range of fixtures which have achieved six star water ratings. They have a strong focus on water preservation and conservation which is reflected by the offerings in their range and as it is the largest in Australia, they’re sure to have something to suit your needs.

  • Due to the location and climate, the moat and wetlands are prone to algae outbreaks, this must be consistently managed.
  • Weeds and sludge are also common issues due to the environment so must be monitored and treated.
  • Aquatic plants are kept in the moat and must be protected during maintenance.
  • The moat and wetlands are located at a business, therefore maintenance should be carried out in the least intrusive way possible and may be subject to change at short notice.
Our Recommendation:

Given the purpose of the water bodies and issues present, we believe that the best course of action is regular biological treatment and manual removal of undesirable elements found in the water body.

Monthly Checklist:

Notes and Rationale:

Nasties such as Algae, aquatic weeds and sludge don’t rest so if you want to keep your water healthy you need a targeted plan of attack. Ensuring that you regularly apply water treatments and remove any organic waste and debris will help keep nutrient levels lower, therefore reducing the frequency and severity of outbreaks.

Your maintenance plan also needs to include the installation, and proper upkeep, of sufficient aeration. This is because many things that you don’t want in your water find it harder to survive in circulating water and the added oxygen will help your friendly bacteria in their quest to consume organic waste and other undesirables.

Filtration is also a key part of maintaining your water body if you wish to stock fish or other aquatic life or use your water body to process any form of waste. This can be done biologically, manually, or through utilising natural filters such as reed beds.

It is important to remember that while any aquatic plants that you choose to stock will help your aeration system out during the day, they will actually consume oxygen overnight so monitoring and maintaining proper aeration at all times is key, especially for those who have fishy friends in their water body.

While this may seem excessive, it really is necessary if you want to have the highest water quality possible and prevent nasty issues from multiplying and taking over. If you’d rather have us deal with your maintenance for you, please give us a call on 1300 283 387 or fill out an enquiry form on our website and we’ll set you up with one of our superstars.

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