Solution Showcase: Windmill Aeration.

Windmills are always a great option where there is sufficient space; They offer a sustainable aeration solution and are often quite aesthetically pleasing. Windmills can also be considered superior to solar power, especially in windy areas, as they are not limited to working during daylight hours.

The fundamental difference between our Windmills and other offerings on the market is that normal windmills pump water, whereas ours inject air into the bottom of the dam. This creates millions of bubbles which bring still, stagnant water to the top of the water body, therefore creating continuous, free aeration and circulation. All of our towers are hinged to allow for easy raising and lowering of the system and in the decade we’ve been selling them for, we’ve only had two customers come back to replace their diaphragm.

If you’re considering installing wind powered aeration for your water body, or just want some more information, check out our solution showcase to see how it helped one of our clients:

Solution Showcase – Windmill Aeration

If you are located within our service area, or that of one of our partners, we will be happy to install the system for you, but there’s no need to stress if you aren’t, as they ship on a pallet to facilitate ease of transport and if you can put together a meccano set you’ll be able to build your new windmill in no time.

If you’d like to discuss options for your water body or request a service and/or maintenance, please call us on 1300 283 387 and one of our friendly specialists will help you find the best solution for your situation.

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