Dam Aeration – No Power? No Problem!

Dam Aeration - No Power? No Problem - Solar Aeration Solutions for lakes, dams and other large water bodies

Dam Aeration – No Power? No Problem!

Aerating your dam is one of the best things you can do for the health of your aquatic ecosystem, but finding the perfect dam aeration system for your water body isn’t always as simple as deciding whether you’d prefer to install a surface or sub-surface dam aerator.

One of the most common reasons people don’t aerate their dam is power, or, more specifically, the lack of. Running electricity to your dam isn’t always an easy option and this can put many people off as they don’t want the hassle and expense of trying to run cables from their home or shed.

In the past, the best solution for this issue was to install a remote sub-surface aeration set up (where the compressor sits by the point of power and air hose does the travelling instead), but new solutions are now available that allow the user to have effective, dam aeration (or decoration if desired) in any water body that receives sunlight.

Introducing Airolator Solar Solutions:

The latest innovation from international aeration powerhouse Air-O-Lator is a range of premium, solar powered units suited to both aerating and decorative purposes.

Units feature 304 stainless steel submersible motors and foul resistant operational parts, and come complete with a specialised Solar Controller and industry leading Clenergy solar racking as standard. 1hp models run a dedicated solar DC current and 1.5hp and 3hp units are hybrid enabled and can autonomously switch to mains grid power at sun down if desired.

More importantly, however, they provide a quality, sustainable, aeration solution for even the most remote dam.

Take this Carnival Aerating Fountain for example:

Situated in a dam so far from the owner’s home that you can’t even see either from the other, this 3hp solar unit still provides aeration all day long. It does this at absolutely no cost to the owner or environment and as it’s one of the larger models, if our friend ever does decide to put power near the dam, he’ll have a 24/7 solution.

Functionally, solar Airolator dam aerators operate in exactly the same manner as their mains powered cousins. They still provide top quality aeration and breathtaking displays, they simply do it via the power of the sun rather than the electricity grid. This, coupled with the hybrid capabilities of the 1.5hp and 3hp models makes them the ideal aeration solution for any application.


The best bit is, Carnival and Centrifugal solar fountains are compatible with Airolator’s unique interchangeable design feature – the changeover kit. Changeover kits allow users to switch between aerating and decorative functions without having to swap their motor, float or cable. The ability to do this can save you thousands of dollars and copious hours of work so if you’ll be wanting both aeration and decoration, we strongly suggest that you get in touch to discuss getting a changeover kit alongside your new solar dam aerator.

What Issues Can They Help Combat?

As noted above, Airolator Solar Solutions perform the exact same functions as their mains powered counterparts. This means they can help combat all the issues that a standard dam aerator would assist with including:

How Do I Know If An Airolator Solar Solution Is Right For Me?

As a general rule, Airolator Solar Solutions are right for pretty much everyone.

To work out which unit would be best for you, you can give us a call on 1300 283 387 or fill out a contact form to get personally tailored advice from one of our friendly expert staff members.

We also recommend getting in touch even if you’re fairly certain which unit would suit your needs, as there are many other facets of your aquatic ecosystem’s health that our specialists can help out with including treatment plans and fish selection and stocking.

Our team are committed to helping everyone achieve better water, naturally, and are pleased to be the Australian pioneers for this new advancement in Airolator’s offerings.

View the 1hp Airolator Solar Solutions Technical Brochure here.
View the 1.5hp Airolator Solar Solutions Technical Brochure here.
View the 3hp Airolator Solar Solutions Technical Brochure here.
  • Patricia Miers wrote...

    Following a long dry period and then good rain my dam has turned putrid with floating scum and smelly. The fish have died as well. Would aeration help. Solar power would be best but can have access to 240 volt. Have you a distributor in Queensland. Thanks Pat

    • The Terrific Treatment Tardigrade wrote...

      Hi Pat,
      We’re sorry about your fish 🙁 sounds like your dam has taken a pretty bad hit from this sudden change of circumstance and is suffering from a collection of imbalances that have led to this unfortunate situation.
      Aeration would certainly be beneficial with sorting this out and we have a range of solar options available that one of our specialists would be happy to spec up for you. Application of a biological treatment would also help restore balance to your ecosystem and in the right conditions will out-compete the anaerobic bacteria that are giving your dam that smell.
      I can’t provide any more specific advice without knowing the details of your dam, would you be able to give us a call on 1300 283 387 or fill out a contact form so someone can look into this further and design a personally tailored solution for you?

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