Dam Aeration – Surface vs Sub-Surface In Less Than Two Minutes

Dam Aeration – Surface vs Sub-Surface In Less Than Two Minutes

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the difference between surface and sub-surface dam aeration so we decided to put together the below video to explain your dam aeration needs – in less than two minutes.


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So you can see behind me an example of a larger aerating fountain.

These can be supplied in any size you want to suit any size dam.

Basically, the fountain height is just determined by the motor size.

The bigger the motor, the bigger the fountain display.

The bigger the motor, the more aeration you’re gonna get.

The bigger the motor, the larger the dam it’s actually going to aerate.

So this is where it’s important to be speaking with an expert and figuring out the best size to suit your needs.

So, how these aerators work, or one of the ways that they work, is by sending out ripples all throughout the entire dam.


And what that does is it increases the surface area and gives more gas exchange between the air and the water so good gasses such as oxygen come in, not so good gasses such as methane and hydrogen sulphide are able to escape.


Sub-surface aeration, which is on the bottom and what that does is that you pump air into the bottom of the dam and as millions of these little bubbles rise up to the surface, they drag all the water that’s on the bottom and it comes up and follows the bubbles up.

So you’re constantly circulating the water from the bottom to the top, and it’s a very low cost way from a power consumption point of view, of aerating a dam, because you’re pumping air not water so your power requirement is much, much less.

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